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Why St. Mary?

Our Board's mission is to provide students entrusted to our care excellence in Catholic Education in partnership with home, Church and community. Our schools offer a two-year full day, every day Kindergarten program with rich learning environments designed to support your child's learning and growth.
St. Mary School's Kindergarten Program is child-centered; giving every child the opportunity to learn in the way that is best suited to their individual strengths and needs.  We offer a variety of learning opportunities and experiences that connect with the way children naturally learn, ensuring your child has the best possible start to their education. Our programs lead with relationships and excellent curriculum, with quality Catholic education infused. 

Play-Based Learning   

Our programs help every child reach his or her full potential through a play and inquiry approach to learning.  Children are naturally curious, and are involved in many different kinds of activities intentionally designed to help young learners explore, investigate, discover, and question the world around them.  St. Mary School educator teams carefully observe the social, emotional, physical and intellectual interactions within the learning environment, while assessing your child's stages of development.

A Catholic Environment

St.  Mary School is proud to offer kindergarten programming within a faith-based learning environment. Parents and children will experience a Catholic environment that focuses on creating a school community that gives witness to the teachings of Jesus and celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the permeation of Catholic values throughout all curricular areas.  We believe that children are precious gifts of God who are encouraged to reach their fullest potential.  St. Mary School staff welcome families into the school community and recognize that parents and caregivers are the primary educators in faith. Kindergarten children will have opportunities for expressing lived faith through school based social justice and service opportunities.

French Immersion Kindergarten

If you are wondering if French Im mersion is a good fit for your JK child and your family, and you would like some additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Kindergarten teams at St. Mary School. 
In addition, please see our "Kindergarten in French Immersion" newsletters. 
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2022-23 K Educator Teams

Mme Whitfield & Mme Cheetham
Mme Olson & Mme Dolyny
Mrs. Romaniuk & Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Mishibinijima & Mrs. Dent