Principal’s Message

Principal - Meghan Bourgeois/Vice-Principal - Dawn Mann
Welcome to St. Mary Catholic School
St. Mary Catholic School, home of the Eagles, focuses on nurturing students in all areas - physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Our school community is inclusive and engaging, offering various clubs, sports, and daily activities that create a positive environment for students to excel and discover their unique talents.
Under the guidance of the Northwest Catholic District School Board (TNCDSB), St. Mary School aligns with a strategic plan catering to the diverse needs of its students. Rooted in gospel values and the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, our curriculum reflects our Catholic identity. Regular school masses and faith-based events involving both staff and students further strengthen this commitment.
At St. Mary School, we prioritize student success and well-being. Our programs set high expectations for literacy and numeracy, allowing students to surpass provincial standards. Through assessment practices focused on learning goals, success criteria, and detailed feedback, students develop into discerning believers, effective communicators, and reflective thinkers.
Differentiated instruction tailored to individual learning styles ensures that every student is fully engaged in their learning journey. Emphasizing digital literacy, our school integrates technology to enhance student learning, with a specific focus on literacy, numeracy, coding, and online math experiences.
We strive for continuous communication with parents and guardians through various channels, including newsletters and Parent Council meetings. Community partnerships enhance students' experiences and skill development, fostering the growth of the whole child.
St. Mary School, a community of respect and professionalism, empowers students through leadership opportunities, collaboration, and proactive behavior. Our students, proudly known as Eagles, embody these qualities daily.
We take pride in our traditions and innovative initiatives, aiming to support each child's growth and development alongside our dedicated families. Join us on this exciting journey where learning and personal growth go hand in hand every day!
Meghan Bourgeois, Principal